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Engineering for Kids

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Engineering for Kids
At Engineering for Kids we believe that children are natural born engineers who have unlimited imaginations and unbridled enthusiasm. We offer fun, hands-on learning for children ages 4 to 14. Our activities range from building flashlights and rockets to programming video games and robots. The variety of programming is extraordinary!

Registration begins Oct 1 for LMT Residents (Oct 15 for Non Residents)
Jr Scratch & Makey Makey: Musical Adventures

When your favorite song comes on the radio do you sit quietly or do you dance around and play the air drums solo? In Musical Adventures with Scratch and Makey Makey, we are going to explore how different sounds are created and we will create our own interpretations of common musical instruments like drums, piano, guitar, and even a recorder, and we will create our very own dancing program, all through the use of Makey Makey and Scratch to bring our music to life! The last day will end with a bang, or at least a really great mini concert from all of our students!

App Hardware Engineering: Get Wired with Makey Makey
Imagine designing a piano using celery or creating a custom digital training program. now, envision playing video games using just your body, a bit of wire and your own imagination. In our hardware engineering program, students engineer their own customized video game controllers using a Makey Makey device and materials that can be found in just about any kitchen. Through application of circuitry, acoustical engineering and video game design, students discover new ways to interact with technology, all while creating unique designs in a fun collaborative environment.


Registration begins Feb 1 for LMT Residents (Feb 15 for Non Residents)

Jr Aerospace Engineering: Taking to the Skies
The Junior Aerospace Engineering program introduces our youngest engineers to fundamental concepts of aircraft and spacecraft design. Through open and focused exploration, students explore and construct airplanes, rockets, hot air balloons, and more.

App Aerospace Engineering: Up, Up & Away
During our Aerospace Engineering program, students use the Engineering Design Process to design, create, test, and refine a variety of flying machines. They construct a shock absorbing system designed to protect two marshmallow astronauts in a lunar vehicle, create their own air-powered rockets, and assemble a hot air balloon model that actually takes flight!

Registration begins Feb 1 for LMT Residents (Feb 15 for Non Residents)

Jr Space Pioneers
Embark on fun journey to space with Scratch! Send an astronaut to the moon and defend your moon base from space rocks. Learn how to use Scratch to create and program sprites, backdrops and basic scripts. Create a new program each day, leave with evidence of your wild space adventure, and be inspired to explore the universe of programming as a Space Pioneer.
Electronic Game Design: Invader Defense
Video games are everywhere and in almost every form you can imagine. In the Electronic Game Design: Invader Defense program, we will create our own version of an invader defense game where we will defend against an invasion. We will use the Engineering Design Process to create a storyboard to outline the rules of play and characters for our game.

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