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Mad Science, Summer Camp

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Mission — “We aim to spark the imagination and curiosity of children everywhere by providing them with fun, entertaining and educational activities that instill a clear understanding of what science is really about and how it affects the world around them.”

Session 1   July 8 – 12  Super Slimy Smokey Science & Mad Machines & Rockin’ Rockets  Ages 6 – 12
Dive into a variety of scientific fields as you mix and stretch silly putty and slime, copperplate nickels, and investigate the mysteries of optical illusions.  Become captivated by lasers, dry ice, watch hair-raising Van de Graaff experiments, help solve a mystery, and so much more!  Tinker with circuits, catapults, and experience what happens when you mix science and fun! Come Get Slimed with your Friends!
Full Day Mini Mad Scientists will also delve into a multitude of scientific subjects as they learn about the Earth and it’s animal inhabitants, simple machines, rocketry, flight, and chemical reactions; there’s something for everyone!  Investigate the layers of the Earth, build and race a car, construct a rocket, create animal tracks, build a bug house, and grow your very own crystal gardens to take home!  There’s so much in store; it’s simply Sensational!  Blast Off to Fun!
Session 2  July 22 – 26  Eureka! Launching with Legends and Take Flight to the Future      Ages 6 – 12
Anyone can be an inventor!  Discover the work of da Vinci, Edison, Tesla, and Benjamin Franklin and use what you learn to invent solutions to everyday problems, prepare patent proposals, receive a patent certificate, build your own catapult, and even launch projectiles off a large trebuchet!  Budding inventors bring home a model catapult, a mysterious spinning stick, a helicopter, and countless other cool inventions.  Take a Trip in Time with the Legends!
Full Day participants, bring your imagination and let it SOAR as you create a squadron of paper airplanes the Wright brothers would be proud of!  Explore technological advances in flight: hot air balloons, flying machines, and spacecraft.  Launch a variety of stomp rockets, and even take one home!  Learn about lasers, microgravity, and space stations.   Become inspired by Verne and Asimov and build submarines, brainstorm the telecommunications and transportation of the future.  This camp culminates with campers building their own sci-fi inspired light sabers that they can take home, along with their dreams! The Future is Now!
Session 3        August 12 – 16    NASA & Mad Science Future Space Explorers        Ages 6 – 12 yrs      
Mad Science has teamed up with NASA in a quest for exploration! We’ll take a voyage of discovery into the atmosphere and beyond as we explore planets, moons, and other space phenomena in our solar system. Campers will investigate the mechanics of unique flying machines, such as balloon-copters, boomerangs, and mini hovercrafts.  Children will learn how early “pilots” navigated throughout space as they create their own sextant and sundial. Kids will get a firsthand experience of the challenges of living in space as they try assemble a satellite while training to be an astronaut. Kids will love to build their own Mad Science rocket and participate in a real “NASA” style rocket launch.  Campers will have lots of projects to make and many cool NASA take homes, including a gravity assisted launcher, a Shuttle Copter, and more!   Mad Science is the ONLY organization licensed by NASA to use these activities for Summer Camps. This Camp is Out of this World!

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