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Mad Science, Summer Camp

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Mission — “We aim to spark the imagination and curiosity of children everywhere by providing them with fun, entertaining and educational activities that instill a clear understanding of what science is really about and how it affects the world around them.”

Session 1         July 6 – 10                   Secret Agent Lab!                                    
Look out 007- the Mad Science Secret Agent Lab is in session!  From decoding messages to experimenting with metal detectors and night vision, children will have the opportunity to check out spy equipment and step into the shoes of a detective!  Children will uncover the science involved in gathering and analyzing evidence and the technology behind locks, surveillance systems and alarms.  To test the limits of magnified observation, junior science sleuths will build their own binoculars and develop ways to work together to refine their observation skills.  Campers will use what they have learned as they find, collect, and analyze evidence and connect the dots to solve a simulated crime scene!  Mad Science Spy Camp is 00-Awesome!
Session 2         July 20 – 24                 Brixology & Jr. Engineers                               
Using LEGO bricks designed exclusively for Mad Science, junior engineers team up to construct different projects.  From carnival rides to drawing machines, mechanical animals to truss bridges to space stations, you’ve got to check this out!  Engineering Design Challenges include building a space sail, bobble head, and glider car.  Try your hand at aerospace, nautical, biomechanical, and even structural engineering! Stay for the Afternoon Session and our Jr. Mad Science Engineers will design and build skyscrapers using simple tools and intricate imaginations.  Exercise your ability to work together in order to construct a geodesic dome big enough for all of the campers to fit inside!  Work with pulleys, wedges, screws, and levers & assemble your own catapults!  Maneuver robots around an obstacle course, play robot soccer, and even test line-tracking robots during this weeklong camp full of hands-on excitement!   Let the Engineering & Tinkering begin!
Session 3         August 10 – 14            Crazy Chemistry & Rocking Rockets              
Hop on board the Chemistry Express for a high-speed Science Experience.  Classes are filled with experiments that fizz, tingle and mystify your minds! Children will investigate Smoking Potions, Radical Laboratories and So Much More!! Mad Science brings awe-inspiring experiments paired with thought-provoking detective work to campers, nurturing scientific interests and evoking fascination.  Children will learn about chemical reactions as they grow crystals, create sidewalk chalk from scratch, and design chromatography Head Bands and so much more! Stay for the full day for our outer space experience to expand a passion for our sensational solar system.  Campers will investigate the mechanics of unique flying machines, such as balloon-copters, boomerangs, and mini hovercrafts.  Children will be transported to the past as they delve into how early “pilots” navigated throughout space as they create their own sextant and sundial.  Building upon previous experiments and knowledge learned throughout the week, campers will use what they’ve learned to construct a model rocket and have the option of participating in a live launch demonstration. This Camp is a total BLAST!

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